Let's Move Maui Forward

We seek your financial support of Go Maui, Inc. and we ask that you become a supporter of this pro-active network to promote our common goals, objectives and values. In order to access the donation form just click on the "Sponsorship Commitment Form" below.

Go Maui, Inc.'s mission is to empower local residents to obtain housing, educational opportunities and employment in a healthy environment and vibrant economy while respecting our diverse cultures.

Go Maui, Inc. is a nonpartisan organization that engages and represents local residents on key initiatives and issues that affect Maui's quality of life and champions for a cohesive community on Maui.

Go Maui is an approved IRS 501 (c) 4 organization, and is registered with the State of Hawaii with a board of directors, by-laws, and a pro-active program of engagement to carry out the mission and purpose of the organization.

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