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Go Maui, Inc. is a nonpartisan organization that engages and represents local residents on key initiatives and issues that affect Maui's quality of life and champions for a cohesive community on Maui.

After a year of thoughtful discussion and meticulous planning, a dedicated group of community members formed an entity that will stand up and advocate for the community. The organization is focusing its efforts on housing, jobs, water, agriculture, economic opportunity and infrastructure to sustain a strong economy, better paying jobs, a vibrant housing market, better education for our children, energy conservation, environmental stewardship and much more.

Go Maui, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) 4 organization registered with the State of Hawaii with a board of directors, by-laws, a program of pro-active engagement and a consultant to carry out the mission and purpose of the organization.

"For quite some time there has been much discussion about the need for an organization on Maui to advocate for our local residents," said founding President Alice Lee. "GO Maui will establish partnerships with businesses, industry stakeholders and residents to increase awareness of key issues facing Maui. Our goal is to establish GO Maui as a positive, vital force in our community."

Go Maui, Inc.'s mission is to empower local residents to obtain housing, educational opportunities and employment in a healthy environment and vibrant economy while respecting our diverse cultures.

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